When you’re mentally strong, you can move mountains.

Put your past mistakes or (perceived) failures behind you.

We’ve all done it (I certainly have). What? Beating ourselves up mentally, saying things to ourselves such as: “I’m such a fool, I screwed that up completely”, or “trust me to have got that wrong”, or (worse) “I’m such an idiot, all I do is mess things up”.

Stop it! Change your mental focus to those things you CAN compliment yourself on. They may be small but that’s not the point. The point is to develop a self-rewarding Mindset. Perhaps you prepared a lovely meal, or you sorted out a problem with your computer, or your Blog post got lots of positive comments.

Begin to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve all come across them, the doubters: “that’s never gonna work”, “what do you know about internet marketing?”, “it’s all a scam that internet riches idea”, etc. Sadly it can often be our family members or friends who respond in this way because they are not used to pushing against their own boundaries. How to deal with this? Ignore them and carry on!

Expand your comfort zone.

We’ve all got our own mental ‘bubble’ surrounding us that keeps us feeling safe. It was built up over the years and helps us feeling good about ourselves. It gives rise to beliefs about what sort of activities or situations we are OK with, so that we can maintain our self-esteem.

The downside of this situation is that the bubble becomes a straitjacket that keeps us immobilized and afraid of breaking out of it. I used to see myself as not having any computer skills and I could feel quite frustrated and helpless whenever I got stuck without knowing what I did wrong, but here I am blogging away…

Be prepared to take calculated risks.

I have heard of very successful entrepreneurs who started of by selling or mortgaging their house, or taking out substantial loans in order to start a business. I have heard of gamblers who lost all their money in a Casino or betting shop, thinking they might get their funds that way.

What’s the difference? The type of risk! The entrepreneurs took calculated risks because they had clear plans and goals and were dedicated to making them work, and, they were not afraid to put in the work. The gamblers were mislead by their ignorance of the extremely low chances of winning, and, they took what they thought was an easier route to wealth. Try not to be a gambler…

Regain control and feel empowered.

Many people seem to view themselves as victims of their circumstances. They complain that they can’t get ahead because of the ‘bad Economy’, or because of their ‘poor background’, or because ‘rich people’ keep all the money for themselves, etc.

This causes them to feel helpless and if that situation carries on they likely become depressed. Why? Because they gave control away so to speak and see themselves as unable to change their situation…

I myself could have gone down this route, complaining that there are too many very successful internet entrepreneurs out there already, and even worse, they have much deeper pockets than I do! It would have been easy to give up because I couldn’t possibly compete with them.

No! Even if this were true I stopped worrying about situations I can’t control; instead I focus my efforts on what I CAN control: my own development and actions.

If you feel like your trapped in a bad situation, turn it around by taking control back within yourself and carry on towards your goal.

Or perhaps you have found other strategies that worked well for you; please leave a comment and tell us about them.

    3 replies to "5 tips to help you become a mentally stronger person"

    • James

      A very interesting read on mindset which I really enjoyed.

      In particular, the sections on expanding one’s comfort zone and taking calculated risks particular rang true for me. Not many people achieve anything worthwhile unless they are prepared to take some kind of risk.

      Playing it safe is what average people do.

    • Graham Forrest

      Expanding your comfort zone can be helped by building your confidence, too.
      Well, do something that you’re just a little uncomfortable with and complete it. How do you feel? Good, yes?
      Then do something that you’re a bit more uncomfortable with and finish it. Feels, even better, doesn’t it!
      So if you do things that slowly ‘stretch’ your comfort zone, you’ll find that your comfort zone expands and you’ve moved up a notch.
      That’s because our comfort zone is in our minds – and the more we do something, the more comfortable we feel about it. Repetition gives you confidence.

      • Hubert

        Thanks for your comment Graham; a useful practical way of expanding our comfort zone. You reminded me that really everything is taking place in our mind, as The Buddha said 2500 yrs ago. That’s why I have (finally) started regular meditation to train my mind. Have a good day.

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