I was watching a web class by one of my favorite entrepreneurs Harv Eker (www.harveker.com). His class was titled ‘How to make a lot of money and help a lot of people’ and he explained the process of setting up a successful business.

He suffered serious financial problems when he was younger and tried some 12 different business without much success. He promised himself that when he finally did make it he would devote his life to helping people becoming successful in business as well.

Boy, did he make it! He now runs an international Training Consultancy and -by his own account- has become “very, very, very, very, very, very rich. No doubt then that he can teach us a thing or two about how to achieve this. Harv sets out 8 specific steps that we too can follow along this path.

There are lots of people out there waiting for your products

1. Clear up the way you think about money.

Thoughts lead to feelings, which lead to actions, which lead to results. Your ways of thinking can be for you or against you…Do you have a ‘scarcity mentality’ (wrong), as in “if I get rich there won’t be enough for others”? Or do you feel ‘too spiritual’ to care about money? Instead you might think that ‘Love’ is more important than money… According to Harv you could think like that, but you couldn’t buy a car with ‘Love’ for example; you’ll need a lot of money!

One other thing is a problem and that is that our thoughts are linked to our core beliefs, which are often subconscious. Even if we wanted to we can’t always identify them. Not to worry, there is a way around this which I’ll explain in the next section.

2. Forget about Wealth and focus on other people’s problems.

How do we earn money? From people! Therefore, if we solve their problems, they’ll be willing to pay us. Or, the other way round (which is still the same process): I’m going to see my Dentist next week and I’ll be paying him to hurt me…He will be earning money by fitting me a crown.

This illustrates the existence of two motivators for people’s behavior: to gain pleasure, or, to avoid pain. This can gives us a definition of an Entrepreneur: someone who solves problems for people at a profit.

3.Which problems should I be solving?

This is often a big challenge for beginning Internet Marketers. You don’t just have to present a solution, but it also has to work in the real world. You would need a product that combines your purpose, your passion and your prowess, and, it must be what the market place wants!

Harv helps a lot of people with training and products that he cares about, knows about and is personally good at. You could be like a Market Trader if you wanted, selling all sorts of products that you are not really interested in, but that will make you money. Not my kind of style…

4. Articulate the problem you solve clearly and concisely.

People ask two questions when they buy from others: ‘why should I buy this and what problem can it solve?’ Don’t be vague, get right to the pain, for example: ‘if you’re embarrassed about your weight, we can help…’ (followed by your website). Tell them you can help and how to contact you.

5. Why should I buy from you?

You must be unique and different, and, articulate this as well. This needs to be a major benefit to your customers. I like an Internet marketer called Rob Cornish (http://www.gainhigherground.com), who is a very down to earth, honest guy who provides excellent value for money and I like buying from him.

On the other hand I know a Marketer who just pushes and pushes his sales through his funnels, just to make money and therefore I do Not want to deal with him! So try to look through your customers eyes and express this clearly…Harv tries to make his business, product or service different from everyone else; you could argue he is a bit of an acquired taste…

6. Find one person who pays you and repeat the process.

If you are a Dentist or Physiotherapist, you want lots of clients to be able to earn lots of money by solving lots of people’s problems. You don’t really want to set limits on your earning potential, but of course there are only so many hours inn a day!

That’s why we have to systematize our process so it doesn’t depend on our presence. Harv employs a number of Trainers around the world to deliver his programs and earns extra money that way. This means that he is able to solve people’s problems without being present himself! Therefore you have to replace yourself to help lots of people…

7. Duplicate this process.

You’ll have heard this many times: rinse and repeat. You would have to find a different product to solve people’s problems and market it. Naturally you would need to come across as genuine though to get people to buy from you, of course.

8. The ability to take action.

What holds us back is often fear and doubt. Fear is usually about the future: ‘what if this happens?’ Alternatively it can be about doubt: ‘can I really do this?’ Our mind is always looking out for potential problems, to protect us, which is great to some extent, but self-defeating if it just sees imaginary problems.

Most people wait for the fear to subside, but it doesn’t until you confront it. Rich people have similar kinds of fear, but they don’t let them stop their actions. Act in spite of fear or doubts, but don’t be reckless! Even soldiers such as those in the SAS experience fear, but they overcome it!

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