Sounds surprising you say? Sure does. Let me tell you how it might work: find something that people desperately want. Don’t find something you think they need.  We all realize that we need to lose weight, or exercise more, or eat more healthily, but we don’t. We waste money on stuff we ‘want’, because we ‘want’ it.

Next put this product, or service, in a salable package and advertise it to the people you think will want it. Once they start buying you’re onto a winner. The more you sell to more people, the closer you get to becoming rich.

But what if you wanted to become a brain surgeon instead of an entrepreneur? Again: simple. Go to University and graduate. Get a clinical training post giving you experience. Obtain a permanent job in a Hospital. Simple.

Did I say ‘simple’, yes of course, but I did not sat easy. You don’t achieve much without effort, without overcoming difficulties, without persisting…For many of us online it takes time and effort to set up and to find potential buyers and gain their trust.

Even a man like Napoleon Hill, who wrote the book ‘Think and grow rich’ took 20 yrs to complete his interviews with successful people to find their ‘secret’.

Let’s agree to put in hard work, to persist in what we’re trying to achieve. Let’s work our way through difficulties and get out of our comfort-zone. Only then shall we succeed. Oh yes, of course we need to be mentally ‘open’ to receiving wealth and prosperity, but that’s another story.

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