I wonder which reason came to mind when you read this title. Riches?…Wealth?…Leaving your job?…Done for you stuff? Well, yes, these are all good reasons in the long term, but I was thinking of ‘taking Control over your own life’.

No more 9-5; no more managers telling you what you should be doing; no more performance reviews; no more compulsory away days; no more limits on when you can go on Holiday; etc.

I was reminded of a very successful Internet Marketer named Andrew Reynolds. He worked for a House Builder but didn’t like his job. Then one day he was made redundant. You can imagine the initial shock, but -as often happens- this proved to be a blessing in disguise.

One day Andrew heard of a seminar being put on in the USA and convinced himself to go, even though he had to spend his last few dollars. There he learned about the Internet Marketing Model and the rest is history (he has made over 80 million Pounds Sterling in the last 15 yr, I think).

He used to tell this story about his father who had a Hardware shop somewhere in a local town. He would spend the day sitting behind his counter, waiting for customers to come in and make a sale.

Andrew’s point was that his father was entirely dependent of local footfall to earn his money. This made him dependent on outside factors, such as the weather, the economy, etc. One rainy day and his takings were down! No surprise then that one of Andrew’s Courses was called ‘Cash on Demand’.

Needless to say Andrew didn’t want to go the same way as his father and saw his opportunity in this new business venture. He started modestly from his bedroom to advertise his products and soon his table was covered in Cheques. He soon moved on from Direct Mailings to Internet activity.

He once demonstrated on TV how he could make $100,0000 in 24 hrs. All he had to do was push a button to send an email this subscribers list and Bingo! job done! Must confess that I was jealous when I saw all these online orders rolling in. It did also inspire me to look into becoming an Internet Marketer myself of course.

But it’s not all about the money; it’s the freedom we want: plan our own daily schedule, be flexible, use our own creativity, be our own manager, make our own money ,and, enjoy the whole process as well. In this our Personal fulfillment is motivating us, not just the hoped for Riches.

One profound comment Andrew made recently, that stuck in my mind, was when he told his audience ‘Nobody owes you anything!’. How true this is. We have to step up to the plate, work hard and keep going. Now its your turn…

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    • Madeleine Innocent

      I liked this post because it focuses on two important things – freedom to be yourself and doing something you enjoy. Both vital aspects, in my opinion, for personal growth. But also for lofty achievements like world peace. After all, we’ll be telling everyone the same story – whatever their colour, creed, religion, origin, country, political persuasion…

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