You can’t start a journey if you’re not there! Imagine you booked a flight to Venice, but don’t bother to get out of bed on the day it leaves; sorry, no refund…

What about Internet Marketing? The same thing applies here I think, but in this case everything depends on You. The plane will leave for Venice even if you’re not on it, but your business won’t fly if you’re not present and active.

Of course I’m present you’ll say; am I not sitting at my computer trawling the internet? But what are you looking for? Possibly various ‘done-for-you’ products you could use, or training membership sites, or potential mentors. I’ve been there, in the past, done it,  failed miserably.

Because I forgot one important element of potential success: myself and my abilities (or lack of them). Am I the entrepreneurial type, do I want to run a business that requires me to have regular input, do I persist when things get difficult, do I find it hard to ask for help?

Take time to evaluate yourself and be honest  with yourself (a very valuable quality to possess) and draw your conclusions. I eventually did and the result was not altogether flattering, for example I had a tendency to give up too easily, or to get distracted too easily; and a lack in confidence…

But I also had one major good quality: my eagerness to learn and develop. That’s  why I am able to write this here now. What then are the qualities you would ideally possess (or acquire)?

Some say that you have to seize opportunities when they arise, or to take risks to achieve your goal (I know of entrepreneurs who mortgaged their house to be able to invest in their business), or to be assertive and persistent, or to be a problem-solver, others say that you have to ‘set your intention’, or ‘set your goals’, etc.

I think that in order to be a good entrepreneur you have to basically keep going at what you have set yourself to achieve.  Have a clear goal and separate it out in to smaller steps and act on them. See problems as situations that need solving, not to be frightened by. Maintain the structure of your plan and stick to it because every step that you take successfully will have its own reward and motivate you further. Recognize if you’re procrastinating and try to see (or rather ‘feel’) what it is you’re avoiding (more about this in a later post). Take calculated risks, not irresponsible ones. Find a good (successful) mentor and copy him or her. Get to know others in the same situation as you and communicate with them. Ask for help when you need it.

If all else fails, learn and start again and keep going, and again, and again…

Please let me know how your journey is going or what has worked for you.

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