When we think about developing ourselves there is a different way of looking at our real ‘internal’ desires. We can look at them from three perspectives: what do you want to posses; what do you want to experience; what do you want to become?


Are you dreaming of one of these?

Let’s face it, we all love to buy ‘stuff’: watches, ‘phones, handbags, shoes, gold necklaces, yachts, super cars, etc. These can certainly be pleasurable and make our life easier and more exciting, but do they satisfy us in the long run?

I myself admit to being mad about books (you know, those paper things with pages). Always have been, always will. But there comes a point where the enjoyment turns into a burden…

How many do you need? Too many to read and not enough time, and even less space! Don’t even mention moving house; I don’t have nearly enough boxes, let alone the energy to pack all my books.

Or what about those nice shoes. How many can you wear at one time? Not too many I guess and then you’ll need a lot of wardrobes to store them. Or how many cars can you realistically drive? Unless you want a different one every day of the year…


Are you ready for the excitement?

Lots of people want to experience many different things of course; great! I know people who are almost constantly on a Cruise, or people who wish to sail around the world, or stay in five star hotels all the time. Others want to climb mount Everest, or wish to skydive, or bungee jump.

This can be exciting and fulfilling surely. But I could imagine that after some time these things stop being exciting and a certain sense of boredom might creep in. A deeper calling keeps knocking on our internal door, asking us to go beyond this stage of our life.


Keep on growing

Of course people like myself, who are on the Partnership to Success Course wish to develop themselves in to online entrepreneurs. Other people would like to become life coaches, or yoga teachers, or beauty consultants.

These are roles we play, but we might also wish to work on our own abilities, such as assertiveness, or interpersonal skills, or physical fitness.

We might even want to becomes leaders, or so-called ‘Influencers’, or to become enlightened so we can help other people attempts to increase their level of consciousness.

Whatever it is that we want to pursue, try and make sure that it resonates deep within us. When it does it will help us grow and develop.

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