Ridiculous thing to say I hear you think. Well, yes and no. It all depends on the meaning of the words.

For example, there is currently a TV Ad running by a well-known IT Company. It ends with the statement: ‘the future is here today’. Logically this doesn’t make sense of course, because if the future was here, it would not be the future, but the present.

I assume that what they really mean to say is that developments that once seemed to belong to the future are already realized today. That makes a lot of sense.

What about ‘hope‘? We all use the word: ‘hope to see you tomorrow; hope to go on holiday next year; hope to buy a house soon’. The definition of ‘hope’ is: a feeling that what is wanted will happen; to want or expect. What’s wrong with having hope? Nothing in principle, BUT it is about the Future again and we can’t always control the future.

We all hope for something…

You can hope to go on holiday to a certain Country and fly with a certain carrier, but if it goes bust the day before you fly, or there is a disaster in country of your destination, you won’t be having that holiday.

If I said to you that I hope to improve my physical condition by lying in bed all day relaxing you’d know I won’t be getting very far. In fact, I’d be achieving the opposite, which proves that you get the result that you work for.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking ‘hope’ in general because that makes us facing forwards and setting our aims for what we want to achieve. But, we can only control the future to the best of your ability by controlling the here and now!

Therefore if you want to succeed set hope aside and start acting in this here and now. Before you know it the you will be seeing success you once hoped for.

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    • Keith Watkins

      Hi Hubert, I’ve lost all hope now after reading this post, but seriously you make a great point. And as someone who’s just starting out with this blogging thing I can testify to the here and now. Which is why I’ve actually made a little progress, even today as I write this. The fact is the successful in all walks of life never wait for tomorrow, they just do it today. Thanks, for sharing your insight, it’s put a smile on my face.

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