Is it inherited or do you have to work at it?

We’ve probably all heard of those famous people who can be classed under the category of ‘Genius’. I’m thinking of people like Mozart or Leonardo da Vinci for example. It is assumed that they were simply born with their huge talents and the rest became history as they say.

In an interesting book about the ‘Creative Curve’, Alan Garnett dispels some myths about the creative process. If you take Mozart for example, I myself always assumed that his work came simply by inspiration, with perhaps a bit of extra editing. Not so apparently.

Mozart worked long and laborious hours to complete his symphonies and became successful because of not just his talent but also his hard and diligent labor. Similarly, Paul McCartney from the Beatles took a long time to complete the song ‘Yesterday’ after first hearing the melody in his head.

It’s a bit sad to think that there are many very skilled and talented writers, painters and musicians out there who could have been equally famous as the people just mentioned but somehow they missed the ‘Curve’. Why is that?

For example, prior to the initial launch of Facebook a similar -and much more sophisticated system- had been launched at a different University according to Alan Garnett, but it never really caught on. This seems to have been because it was too new and complex for people to adopt, whereas Facebook started off much simpler initially.

Other Entrepreneurs have experienced the same thing; their idea or service was great, but the world wasn’t quite ready for it. This illustrates the idea of the Creative Curve: you have to develop something that is somewhat familiar (so as not to scare potential clients away) but at the same time new and more exciting or useful.

We see thousands of Companies following exactly this same process and become very successful (including Facebook of course!). The same thing goes for us Entrepreneurs: we need to do the same thing, both in our products or services as well as our Blog posts and Emails.

Although, if you are a complete beginner, it is probably best to simply imitate the process of the many very experienced and successful Marketers out there, at least initially, until you’ve got a Business up and running.

So let’s keep plugging away and ride that Curve…

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