How can we explain the huge differences in wealth between people? Did all the cards get shuffled when we were born? Many believe that this is so: some of us got all the Aces and the rest got a pack of Jokers.

Who got the Aces and who got the Jokers

Sure enough, some of us were born in very wealthy families, but this does not mean that we became very successful in life. We’ve all heard of rich Playboys who gambled their inherited fortune away and drank themselves to death.

Lots of people are envious of the rich and feel they’ve been short-changed. This is as understandable as it is mistaken. Everything the ‘rich’ have is a result of countless little choices and decisions that were made, if not by themselves, than by their ancestors.

Those choices were between action and inaction, between developing that website, or business idea and sitting on the sofa eating crisps and drinking yet another beer…

If you make the right positive choices you develop a discipline of moving towards wealth and success. Still, the lazy ones will call you ‘lucky’, or ‘privileged’, or ‘greedy’, or worse names fueled by their petty jealousy.

Therefore the first thing we have to do is to believe in our right to become wealthy, and, more importantly to retain our wealth once we accumulated it. Because if we don’t feel comfortable with being rich, we will soon lose our wealth.

You probably heard of Lottery winners who spent their millions within a matter of a few years and arrived back at square one; or of millionaires who went bankrupt, yet soon managed to regain their wealth. The reason for this: you get what you believe you deserve!

The problem for all of us is that these beliefs about ‘wealth’ are subconscious more often than not, which makes them hard to identify and change. How can you start to tackle that problem? Start to examine your life and ‘look around you’ so to speak. Does money flow through your fingers like sand or are you good at saving?

I’ll use myself as an example: I always seemed to spend any money that I had available, wasting it on stuff I didn’t need. I was as if my subconscious beliefs were telling me that it was ‘bad’ to have money, or that I was ‘too spiritual’ to be rich.

If you wish to change start looking at your financial situation: are you always broke, or instead hoarding all your money (fearful that you will lose it all)? Try and make peace with money. It is OK to have lots, it doesn’t make us ‘bad’ or ‘greedy’, but it does give us lots of opportunities to help others!

Being ‘spiritual’ and being a millionaire is definitely possible; just remind yourself of that every day and start to develop that wealthy mindset.

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