Keep going and the future looks bright

Change can be unsettling for many of us and make us uncomfortable, or even anxious. We can easily give up in the face of imagined and real -temporary- challenges, even if the eventual result would be very positive.

I’m thinking about things such as changing your job, or moving house or leaving your partner, or moving to a different country altogether. I myself moved to the UK many years ago and remember the initial feelings of feeling out of my depth.

You have to be prepared to cope with a period of feeling uncomfortable and possibly (as in my case) rather disorientated initially. It is either this, or continue living with the mediocrity or lack of opportunity in our current life.

Without change we are not going to make the shift from ordinary to hugely successful. If we don’t try and take the risk and stay where we are, we’ll just be spinning our wheels in the mud and stay stuck where we are (and probably unhappy with life).

We need a mindset of being very disciplined with our selves, as well as how we deal with others. We can’t afford to let others put us off trying, or -as we often do- talk ourselves out of carrying on.

There will always be obstacles in our life which need to be overcome, such as toxic family members, jealous friends and employers who don’t want you to succeed. By sticking with your dedication to change you’ll quite likely overcome these road blocks.

These people will tell you that it’s too late now to change, or too risky or even dangerous and try to persuade you to turn back. Sometimes they feel threatened by seeing their friends or relatives becoming successful because it confronts them with their own failures.

Seek out positive supportive people around you and those who are aiming to do the same thing. One way is by joining a relevant Facebook or Mastermind group.

Keep a clear view of you own goals and why you’re aiming for them and keep a Diary of your achievement so far, no matter how small you think they are. This will help with your motivation to keep pursuing the changes you desire.

Just remember that nothing really valuable happens without sustained and dedicated effort.

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