A lot of people want to become rich and successful, but never do so. This is because they’re not quite sure how to do it. Sure, there is the easy -but immoral- way such as taking money of others against their will; usually this does not end well.

Then there is the proper way of doing it which is designing your life’s goal, making a plan  and working hard to achieve it.

But, do you know what it is that you want? Are you in touch with what you feel passionate about? Can you visualize you own unique goal? Or are you brainwashed by all the glitter and glamour that the internet throws your way: million-dollar houses, super fast cars, diamond watches..?

Make sure your goal is genuinely yours,  because it will require dedicated commitment and a lot of hard work to achieve it.

Then there are a number of other important qualities that all of us need to posses, namely those of an entrepreneur. How would you define such a magical creature?

One definition I’ve come across is ‘someone who seizes opportunities’. True, but I would add ‘and exploits them successfully’. Better is to look at the character traits that are needed: goal-directed; persistent (not put off by ‘failure’); problem solver; individualistic; not afraid to stand out from the crowd; good communicator…

I had to work at developing these qualities, for example by not giving up when things went wrong. I did that by working in a very structured and methodical way and by having a mentor and a group of like-minded people I could ask for support when I needed it.

So go ahead, climb that mountain towards success, stick your head through the clouds and bask in the glorious sunshine of success. Think of all those people below, with their heads in the clouds, never achieving what they desired, because they did not get off their backsides.

And by all means don’t listen to those armchair critics, telling you ‘that will never work’, or ‘it’s all a con that internet stuff’. Just let your success speak for itself.

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